Eagle Basketball

Terms to Define Our Program


Selflessness-It is expected. You must discipline yourself to make decisions that are in the best interest of everyone involved.  Cutting a class, dogging it in practice, back-biting a teammate, losing sight of your priorities, etc. will weaken us.  Anything we can control, we will.  It will take all of us to do it, but only one of us can ruin it for everyone else.  It is our team, and we cannot cheat each other.  It should hurt to let the others down.


Loyalty-It is a must.  A true sense is powerful, and will prevent selfishness.  We all must realize a certain level of innocence, and let our guard down.  We must become selfless, and commit to each other.  We cannot let outside influences weaken our desire to strive for perfection.  We must be able to trust each other.  There will be critics and doubters, but they can’t be among us.


Sacrifice-We all will have to do it at some point.  Winning is not always convenient or easy.  Be prepared to sacrifice beyond what you think you can for our team. 


Motivation-The most consistent comes from within.  If you need an outside source to make you want to succeed, you never will.  It is within all of us.  If we all strive to motivate ourselves, imagine the power we will generate by working together.  Exude a passion for perfection.


Effort-You have to give your best, every opportunity you have, because they are limited.  We will play harder than any team we face, and will be succesful because of it.  As your coach I will give great effort everyday and expect you to give it as well.  A great feeling of achievement will follow when you do.


Discipline-In everything we do.  It is our cornerstone.  Every champion has it.


Enthusiasm-Play because you love it, and don’t be afraid to show it, your coaches will show it!  You have to know when to control your emotion, but it can be powerful, if the timing is right.


Pride-We will develop it through each other.  We are fortunate to have a strong tradition to be proud of, and we must continue to build upon it. The pride shows; how we carry ourselves, in our appearance, and in how we express ourselves.  It is not displayed with an air of arrogance, but rather with a sense of accomplishment fortified by hard work.


Confidence-It is imperative, but is only valid if it is earned.  The difference between true confidence and cockiness is hours of hard work and practice.  We will gain confidence as the season progresses at a faster rate than anyone else because we will outwork them every day.  Don’t play with fear of doing something wrong, or disappointing the coach.  Play with confidence and enjoy the feeling it gives you!  Coaches will give you constant praise as you strive to be your best!